New Volunteers

All new joiners need to satisfy the training requirement as specified in the Marshal Training Program during one year of the joining date.

During the training period he/she will be issued a trainee license in order to complete training requirements.

After completing the training requirement, he/she will be granted an official license which will confirm the role and grade.

Existing Officials

All existing officials are required to attend at least one theoretical training session (refreshment session) based on their specialty each year.

Official license renewal will not be granted if an official failed to satisfy the training requirement.
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Team leaders are requested to organize and follow up concerned new volunteers and existing officials training needs and requirements.

Upgrade Requirements and Procedure

If an official satisfied the required points for an upgrade as per the grade and upgrade matrix, he/she will be eligible to request an upgrade through concerned team leader or club coordinator.

Upgrade in all cases are subjected vacancies available or projected.

All upgrade requests to be maintained by the club coordinator.

The upgrade will be granted once the official satisfies

  • The grade and upgrade matrix requirement.
  • The Marshal training program.